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Bruker Handheld XRF for Metal, Alloy and Scrap Analysis and Testing

XRF analysis of alloys is critical to the success of many industries. From casting operations to primary metal producers, to manufacturing and processing businesses, to precious metals and scrap metals sorting — such companies have a vested interest in easily and quickly verifying the Grade ID and elemental composition of metal alloy materials. Contact a Bruker specialist today to see how our handheld XRF instrumentation can provide you with peace of mind, increased profits, and unparalleled Quality Assurance.

High-performance handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers produced by Bruker - including the fast-acting and versatile S1 TITAN - are the most popular analytical instruments for alloy analysis worldwide.

Among other applications, analysis by a portable XRF analyzer is particularly important: in the following fields:

  • Alloy Analysis
  • Metal Analyzers
  • Scrap Sorting. Accurate and fast scrap metal testing is important to the profitability and success of your operation. Advances in scrap sorting, revolutionized by Bruker’s S1 TITAN, have pioneered the way that scrap recyclers and testers operate. Upgrade your stock and increase the value of your inventory with a Bruker handheld XRF.
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI). Get the nondestructive PMI tool you deserve with Bruker portable analytical instrumentation. Particularly for petrochemical and petroleum facilities, the emphasis on safety, accident prevention, and Quality Assurance has never been greater. To meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk, consider an S1 TITAN to rapidly verify alloys, confirm the integrity of systems, and much more.
  • Precious Metal Analysis. Because of the volatility and high price of gold and precious metal, you need fast, reliable testing techniques to verify the value of items. Using Bruker’s XRF handheld S1 TITAN, you can easily, quickly, and nondestructively find out — in a matter of seconds — the precious metal content in valuable products like jewelry and coins.

Contact a Bruker expert today to learn how, with the pull of a trigger, you can have accurate and near-instant alloy analysis.

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