Handheld XRF Metal and Alloy Analyzers from Bruker

Bruker Elemental is the worldwide market leader in providing advanced non-destructive analysis systems and complete solutions for elemental analysis using X-ray fluorescence. A handheld XRF analyzer is the most efficient and effective means to conduct multi-elemental alloy analysis, determining concentrations in an array of sample forms, ranging from scrap sorting to liquids analysis.

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Our systems offer you the highest analytical stability and precision — with the pull of a trigger, the S1 TITAN quantifies nearly any element, from Magnesium to Uranium. Whether in the scrap yard or on the manufacturing floor, Bruker XRF handhelds quickly and accurately identify alloy grades and distinguish between alloy families. Common XRF analysis applications include:

The S1 TITAN 200 & 300 - Unparalleled Power, Unparalleled Precision

Bruker proudly offers this value-oriented handheld XRF spectrometer, specifically designed for the alloy market. Based on SiPIN technology, the models 200 & 300 features a fixed filter, limiting the range of elements that can be effectively measured from Titanium to Uranium. The instrument is best targeted for alloy analysis, including:

  • Low alloy steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Bronzes
  • Brasses
  • High temperature alloys

In as little as five seconds, the S1 TITAN provides unparalleled alloy ID and Chemistry. At a glance, other benefits include:

  • Versatile applications, from scrap metal sorting to positive material identification.
  • Analysis of gold and precious metals.
  • Excellent value.

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The S1 TITAN 800 & 600 - Advanced Technology, Portable Package

This tube-based XRF handheld analyzer - among the lightest in its class on the market today - provides fast analysis speeds and exceptional accuracy. Designed for various applications with ease of use in mind, the S1 TITAN has advanced features such as an integrated touchscreen color display, an extremely tough housing, SMART Grade timing, Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), and SharpBeamTM optimized X-ray geometry. Available in two configurations, this portable powerhouse meets any metal testing requirements. Among others, some key benefits include:

  • Calibrations for alloy analysis, gold analysis, and precious metal testing
  • Superior count-rates
  • Unsurpassed touchscreen resolution
  • Faster than the competition
  • Lower detection limits
  • Easy analysis of light elements, including aluminum and magnesium

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