Alloy Analyzer Gun for Correct Alloy Identification

Alloy Analyzer Gun for Correct Alloy Identification

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Accurate alloy analysis is cruical for many industries. Bruker prides itself on providing robust handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) alloy analyzer guns that scan and analyze the chemical composition of alloys in just a few seconds, depending on the application. 

Analyze Any Alloy in Seconds with a Bruker XRF Gun!

Bruker is a worldwide market leader in cutting-edge, nondestructive alloy testing solutions using X-Ray Fluorescence. A portable Bruker alloy analyzer is a most efficient and effective means to perform multi-element alloy analysis, allowing alloying elemental concentrations to be determined in objects of any shape.

A Bruker alloy analyzer gun is small and eminently portable, making alloy analysis easy to perform in situ or in a lab. Usually, no sample preparation is required. With the pull of a trigger, the S1 TITAN quantifies nearly any element, from Magnesium to Uranium. Whether in the scrap yard or on the manufacturing floor, the S1 TITAN can quickly and accurately identify alloy grades and list the concentrations of constituent elements and trace elements in a clear on-screen readout. 

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Why Alloy Identification is important for your Business

An alloy is a combination of a metal with one or more metallic or non-metal chemical elements. They are widely used for their unique properties, such as hardness or malleability, corrosion resistance, and more. In certain cases, alloys are used in industrial applications when it is necessary to lower the price of material by “diluting” the expensive metal in it, while keeping its desired properties.

Scientifically the alloy constituents are typically measured in (atomic) parts per million (ppm), while in the industrial and commercial context the proportions are usually expressed in percentages by weight. Industrially manufactured alloys must conform to declared specifications and standards, which makes the importance of reliable alloy testing self-explanatory. 

Although technically “impure” of their nature, alloys also contain impurities in the strict sense, i.e. undesirable elements. When present in evasive quantities, elemental impurities are commonly termed “trace elements”. The presence of impurities can negatively affect the price of material. Bruker alloy analyzer guns play a central role in impurity control and alloy identification. Our systems provide users with high analytical stability and accuracy. 

alloy identification of different alloy shapes

XRF Alloy Analysis Applications

Bruker's´XRF guns can be used to perform alloy grade verification for the vast majority of standard alloys, based on an extensive internal alloy grade library. Analysis also provides the elemental composition (within its range) of any non-standard alloys.

The advantage of testing industrial alloys is that manufactured alloys display great homogeneity (uniformity of chemical composition and atomic structure) meaning one measurement is usually representative of the entire sample.

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