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Bruker Handheld XRF for Metal, Alloy, Scrap Analysis and Testing

Founded more than 30 years ago, Bruker is the world’s leading manufacturer of portable, handheld XRF analyzers, with countless units installed globally. In addition to our headquarters in Washington State, USA, we have a formidable presence in over 90 locations on all continents. Contact a Bruker expert today for additional information on who we are, what products we offer, and how we can help you achieve non destructive analysis for all your advanced testing needs.

A distinguished history of breakthrough achievements and a committed culture of innovation have defined our metal testing instrumentation since we first introduced handheld XRF analysis equipment in the 1980s. We have a rich history of many “firsts:”

  • Introduced the first tube-based portable XRF. Before that, the portable XRF analyzers used radioactive isotopes to generate X-rays.
  • Joint patent with NASA for analyzing light elements using a special vacuum system.
  • Introduced the first SDD-based XRF (Silicon Drift Detector). Before that, the industry standard was the Si-Pin detector.

Bruker alloy testing instruments, from our powerful S1 TITAN 200 & 300 to the cutting-edge S1 TITAN 800 & 600, provide you with fast, onsite, reliable, nondestructive analysis. Our family of handheld analyzers is used for a variety of XRF applications, including:

Bruker is committed to offering you the highest quality, easiest to use, most reliable handheld XRF Analyzers in the world, giving you the instruments that enable you to work more productively than ever before. Make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer — and maximize your profit potential — with a Bruker S1 TITAN for all your XRF analysis needs. Contact us now with any questions!

Industries we Influence
Metallurgy, Aero Space, Scrap and Recycling, Food Processing, Plumbing, Petrochemicals Metallurgy, Aero Space, Scrap and Recycling, Food Processing, Plumbing, Petrochemicals

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