Silver Testing Machine - Test Silver Content & Purity

Silver Testing Machine - Test Silver Content & Purity

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Are you searching for a swift and effortless method to test silver content and the purity of various silver alloys? Whether it's for recycling, refining, valuation, or any other purpose, Bruker's cutting-edge silver testing machines are a seamless solution. Our silver testers deliver accurate silver concentration readings ranging from trace levels to 100%, whether in alloys or pure silver samples, all in less than 5 seconds.

Essential Benefits of Bruker Silver Testing Machines

Brukers’ XRF-based silver testers offer an array of essential benefits perfectly tailored for different applications like silver refining, recycling, and resale businesses. This makes them an excellent choice for silver testing across various settings. Some key advantages include:

  • Easy Portability: Our handheld silver testing machines enable analysis anywhere, at any time, eliminating the need for complex setups.

  • Lightweight Design: Designed for comfort, their lightweight build is ideal for extended handheld use.

  • Easy to use: Even newcomers can operate a Bruker silver checking machine proficiently after a short training period.

  • Rapid Results: A 2-5 second test swiftly provides insights into silver purity and detailed alloy elemental composition for most samples.

  • Exceptional Accuracy: Our laboratory-grade Bruker S1 TITAN - a silver purity tester – rivals the precision of analytical equipment found in laboratories.

  • Non-Destructive Analysis: Bruker's silver testing machines ensure a completely non-destructive analysis, preserving the sample's integrity—no damage, no marks, no loss of material, no change in weight—no alteration whatsoever.

testing different types of silver with a silver testing machine

Testing Different Types of Silver Samples

Effortlessly and quickly analyze different types of silver samples with precision, all without causing any harm or alteration. This includes:

  • Silver Jewelry and Scrap: Quickly and non-destructively determine the silver content in various forms of silver jewelry and scrap items, enabling informed decisions in recycling and valuation processes.

  • Silver Bullion, Coins, Bars, and Pins: Efficiently assess the purity of silver bullion, silver coins, silver bars, and pins, ensuring the quality and value of these precious assets.

  • Pure Silver (Ag) with 999.5 Fineness and Sterling Silver: Accurately test sterling silver and pure silver items via metal testing to guarantee that they meet the required standards and maintain their value.

  • Silver Solder: Instantly gauge the silver content in solder used for joining silver pieces, facilitating quality control in manufacturing processes.

  • Silver Alloys: Examine the composition of silver alloys swiftly and without damage, whether to understand material make-up or to verify the authenticity of items.

  • Silver Leaf, Silver Plating and Silver coating: Precisely assess the silver content in delicate forms such as silver leaf and plated items, without affecting their physical or aesthetic properties.

  • Silver Ingots: Effortlessly determine the silver content in ingots, ensuring their value and authenticity in various industrial and investment applications.

With the capability to test such a diverse range of silver samples quickly and non-destructively, Bruker's silver purity tester provides the assurance and data needed for informed decision-making in the silver industry.

bruker xrf silver tester testing different types of metal

Elevate Your Silver Business with a XRF Silver Tester

Bruker's XRF silver tester is designed to enhance your operational efficiency and reduce potential mistakes in business dealings. By using our technology, you can ensure that every transaction involving silver sales or purchases is maximized for its value, preventing any avoidable revenue loss. You can also make informed decisions by analyzing batches of silver scrap before acquiring them and confirm that your bullion aligns with your quality expectations.

Bruker’s S1 TITAN silver analyzer provides a 100% non-destructive, highly accurate, instantaneous silver analysis method.

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