Scrap Metal Identification & Sorting with Bruker XRF Scrap Guns

Bruker’s mission is to facilitate seamless scrap metal identification within your business. We work hand-in-hand with customers to ensure that our products meet your end needs. Contact our professional, well-versed staff today and learn how a Bruker handheld XRF can enhance profit for your company!

The scrap metal sorting business used to be tricky, relying heavily on experienced metal sorters. Now, Bruker Elemental offers scrap metal identification technology that can analyze the composition of metals and provide grade identification in a matter of seconds. Sorting scrap for various industries — such as scrap metal recycling, incoming scrap for foundries and decommissioned aerospace equipment — has never been easier with the introduction of the S1 TITAN. Without the need for highly-trained experts, Bruker provides the quickest and most reliable method for detecting valuable elements in scrap. The compact yet powerful handheld XRF analyzer can tackle any sample size, from smaller wires to large heat exchangers. Learn the value of scrap metal fast — simply point and shoot while our technology does the rest.

Quick, accurate scrap metal identification (a major industrial application of Positive Material Identification) remains fundamental to the profitability of your scrap metal sorting operation. Whether you front a large recycling operation or a budding independent yard, Bruker handheld XRF sorters get the job done with unparalleled speed and precision. You too can benefit by:

  • Increasing the value of your on-hand material.
  • Offering customers higher-quality metals.
  • Upgrading your stock.

With Bruker patented technology, sorting scrap metal has never been easier, more affordable, or more accurate. Identify scrap metal with the lightest portable XRF analyzer, the S1 TITAN now to increase your profitability and the quality of your scrap.

Send us your query now! Also consider the related XRF Applications of Scrap Gold Testing and Scrap Precious Metal Testing. And come see our ISRI Convention 2014 exhibit.

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