Positive Material Identification (PMI) with a Bruker PMI Gun

For various positive material identification (PMI) applications ranging from construction to medical equipment, the importance of reliability and safety has never been greater. Ever-evolving quality control standards, public awareness, and regulatory requirements make PMI positive material identification a necessity rather than a choice. When you need a reliable, fast PMI gun, Bruker offers easy and completely non-destructive testing equipment for every metal component. For most industries, a PMI analyzer is particularly important in order to avoid events such as premature corrosion, blackouts, and even explosions, all which have been traced to the use of the wrong metals.

Bruker PMI equipment can protect your investment and ensure the safety of your operation. Contact an expert today to see how a PMI gun like the S1 TITAN can meet petrochemical industry regulations while increasing your profitability!

With Bruker, find the positive material identification equipment that is essential for ensuring safety where is matters most, whether in a hip implant or oil refinery piping. Regardless of the important role you serve — from inspectors, managers, safety professionals, and more — you have the unique responsibility to reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Our positive materials identification guns compliment your existing professionalism, such as API RP 571 certification and compliance, enabling you to get the job done with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Bruker PMI guns, the S1 TITAN series make it easy to:

  • Verify alloys and other metals in seconds.
  • Enhance material traceability.
  • Confirm the integrity of your equipment.

PMI positive material identification equally applies in the fabrication process, where Quality Assurance requires alloy verification. Many of our clients, for example, must fully comply with ISO9000 certification, which requires 100 percent alloy verification. Such applications particularly apply to parts designed for use in petrochemical industries, or other areas where high temperatures and pressure occur. Bruker PMI portable guns enable you to verify alloys early, preventing high costs associated with the possibility of metal mix-ups. Reduce scrap and improve your product quality with positive material identification analyzers, right here with the Bruker S1 SORTER or the top of the line S1 TITAN!

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