Metal Identification Tool Using XRF Analysis


Metal Identification Tool Using XRF Analysis

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Bruker is continuously driven to provide the best technological solution for every analytical task. We understand how critically important the correct Metal Identification and Alloy Identification is to a wide range of industries - this is why we have developed our state-of-the-art metal testing tools.

Step Up Your Scrap Metal Testing with the Bruker Alloy Tester

Bruker's Handheld and portable XRF analyzers allow for rapid metal identification, engineered for ease of use, accuracy, and reliable elemental analysis. See where fit, form, and function all intersect with our metal sorting instruments. Designed for the most demanding customer applications, our rock-solid analytical tools are a fast, precise, non-destructive solution for alloy identification.

The Bruker S1 TITAN portable XRF analyzer makes metal analysis easier than ever before. A lightweight, mobile alloy analyzer that leads the way in performing crucial tasks in the alloy industries.

Designed for use in nearly any weather condition, field environment, and location, the S1 TITAN  will give you reliable results in seconds. The use of a Bruker metal tester saves significant expenses in comparison with traditional laboratory testing. With shorter measurement times and superior detection limits, our handheld XRF analyzers increases your productivity. For our thousands of customers around the world, a Bruker metal analyzer offers a high profit potential and low long-term ownership costs.

Metal identification with a Bruker S1 Titan allooy tester

Typical XRF Analysis Applications for the Metal Tester Guns

Our metal indentifcation tools are designed for use in a wide array of applications from sorting, research & development and production where testing can be used to verify quality and determine process reliability.

Typical XRF analysis applications include:

Learn more about the different XRF applications of our metal identification tools and dive deeper into how PMI Testing works!

Bruker S1 alloy tester shows metal composition

No need for Metal Chemical Analysis Equipment with the Portable Alloy Analyzer by Bruker

Bruker’s handheld Alloytester allows for the rapid determination of the elemental content of almost any metal. The use of a portable, handheld system means that chemical analysis is no longer needed to identify the type, grade and elements present in metals.

Using the S1 TITAN couldn’t be more simple - users just simply hold the device to their metal sample and pull the trigger with a readout on the device’s screen within seconds. This is much simpler than using chemical analysis equipment with faster results and less risk of human error.

Stop handling chemicals or relying on lab-based tests and start using the S1 TITAN for alloy analysis today!

Metal Chemical Analysis Equipment with Brukers portable Analyzer

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Industries we influence

Bruker has made it its mission to help as many relevant industries as possible with its metal identification tools. We influence many powerful industries:

  • Metallurgy

  • Aerospace

  • Scrap and Recycling

  • Food Processing

  • Plumbing

  • Petrochemicals

Find out how we can solve the biggest challenges in your industry segment:

metal testing gun analyzing scrap metal
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