Gold Testing Machines - Nondestructive XRF Analysis of Precious Metals

Gold Testing Machines - Nondestructive XRF Analysis of Precious Metals

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Why You Need Accurate Gold Purity Check Machines to test Gold

In business transactions involving gold or other precious metals, measurement errors must be ruled out. Nobody wants to either buy metals at too expensive a price or to sell them below value. To avoid these problems, the purity and quality of gold and other precious metals must be efficiently determined. This requires a fast and highly accurate test method that does not damage the sample during gold testing.

Gold testing machines from Bruker are the solution, allowing you to increase efficiency in your business and prevent mistakes and loss of revenue. Sell your gold for every penny it’s worth, don’t overpay for gold, and make sure your melts are precisely to specification with the S5 TITAN.

XRF Gold Testing Machines

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to test gold, allowing users to determine the elemental composition of gold and other precious metals. This method is widely used in many industries, including jewelry, mining, and metallurgy, to assess the purity and quality of gold objects or materials.

The Bruker S5 TITAN can determine gold concentration from minor concentrations to 100 % in any metal or alloy within a matter of 5 seconds or less. Discover our handheld XRF analyzer today!

Bruker S1 titan machine analyzing gold

Bruker Gold Tester – Key Benefits of Our Machine

Bruker gold testing machines provide several key benefits that make them perfect for gold testing applications in any environment. Some of these benefits are:

  • Handheld

  • Lightweight

  • Lightning-fast, accurate gold purity and complete alloy composition determination within 2-5 seconds for most samples

  • Completely Non-destructive

  • Highly accurate with accuracy within 0.1% of fire assay

  • Use the Bruker line of gold testing machines anywhere: at the jewelry store, to test and sort incoming gold scrap, or in production environments when the melt is cooled and ready for purity verification

S1 Titan is a gold purity tester

Portable Gold Testing Machine for Gold-Prices: Identify the Metal Value

The Bruker S1 TITAN can be used for the fast accurate determination of the gold content in any object, allowing users to quickly determine its value. For anyone working in the handling, reselling or auctioning of objects containing (or thought to contain!) gold Bruker’s gold testing machine is an invaluable tool.

Using this point-and-shoot handheld XRF device, users can make an informed decision on the pricing and value of any gold-containing object, helping them to make smart and informed decisions on the pricing when selling or buying.

Gold for Testing with portable Machine for Gold-Prices

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