Gold X-Ray Machine for Gold Purity Testing

Gold X-Ray Machine for Gold Purity Testing

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A gold X-ray machine like the technologically advanced Bruker S1 TITAN is the state of the art in gold testing. It provides a fast, efficient and highly accurate method for determining gold concentration. In addition to old gold, the S1 TITAN gold x-ray machine is also used for testing the purity of gold in bullion (gold bars) and valuable gold jewellery.

Learn how a Bruker x-ray gold machine can boost the efficiency and profitability of your gold business!

Benefits of A Gold Testing Machine

Bruker’s gold testing machine, the S1 Titan, offers several key benefits whether your business is gold recycling, refining, or hallmarking. Some key benefits of S1 TITAN gold x-ray machine include:

  • Handheld

  • Lightweight: light enough for all-day handheld use

  • Easy to use: only a few hours of training is needed for a novice user to be able to determine gold purity with 99.99% accuracy

  • Fast: Rapidly determine gold concentration and alloy elemental composition in 2-5 seconds

  • Accurate: the laboratory-grade Bruker S1 TITAN gold x-ray machine provides accuracy within a few tenths of a percent of fire assay

  • Non-destructive: No damage occurs to samples during measurement

Discover more about technical benefits of Bruker’s handheld X-ray machine for gold testing!

gold x ray machine analyzes jewelry

Efficient Testing of Gold with X-Ray Gold Machine

Gold X-ray machines test the purity of gold using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF), a highly accurate and completely non-destructive technique. X-ray fluorescence devices for gold analysis work by exciting the electrons in a sample's atoms, resulting in a change in energy that is characteristic for each element. This characteristic energy is emitted by each element is then detected by the device allowing it to determine the elements in a sample, such as gold, and measure their concentration. Bruker gold X-ray machines provide gold concentration data from trace levels to 100% concentration in less than 5 seconds providing efficient and accurate gold testing.

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X-Ray Gold Tester for Scrap Gold and more

The gold X-ray tester can determine the gold value of all gold samples. The application method used is fast, non-destructive and suitable for testing gold samples of all types, including:

  • Gold alloys

  • Gold bullion, bars, pins, coins

  • Gold jewelry

  • Scrap gold

  • Yellow gold, rose, and white gold

  • 12K, 14K, 18K, 24K gold

  • Gold leaf

  • Gold plating

piece of jewelry for gold purity testing

Gold Purity Tester - Right on the Refinery

With Bruker's gold purity tester, the S1 TITAN, you can ensure that you are buying and selling gold based on its true purity grade. This way you can make your money on every gold sale or purchase and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Analyze your fine gold right at the refinery and determine the gold purity of gold samples. Contact us today to discover how to seamlessly integrate a Bruker S1 TITAN into your business practices!

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