Bruker’s XRF Gold Tester Gun: Precision, Speed, and Ease

With the high price and volatility of gold, you cannot afford the possible inaccuracies and time of traditional testing methods to verify the value of items being sold, bought, and recycled. Contact us now for information on XRF gold testing with Bruker’s industry-leading analytical instruments!

Using a Bruker Elemental XRF portable gold sorter, you can find out, in under three seconds, the precious metal content in coins, jewelry, and other valuable items. Our next generation of handheld XRF gold tester equipment enables you to not only analyze gold in a jiffy, but with unprecedented precision and confidence. Complete gold analysis, silver analysis, and precious metals analysis in real time using nondestructive gold testing equipment during any sale or acquisition.

We offer state-of-the-art XRF gold equipment. Mating accurate gold valuation with ease of use, our S1 TITAN provides near-instant purity analysis with a simple trigger pull. For on-the-spot precious metals testing, determine the quantification of gold and other desirable elements. Contact a dedicated Bruker expert today for information on using a S1 TITAN gold tester - and get plenty of free tips and tricks!

For most gold processing facilities, ranging from gold refiners to mining operations, handheld XRF guns have become a critical component of Quality Assurance. A Bruker gold tester - like the S1 TITAN - offers a uniquely fast, reliable technique to determine the gold concentration in:

  • Gold jewelry
  • Gold pins
  • Gold ore
  • White, rose, and yellow gold
  • Gold coins
  • And much more!

Our S1 TITAN gold analyzer provides countless, unique benefits to the gold recycler or refiner:

  • 100% nondestructive analysis
  • Highly accurate gold analyzer for all alloy samples
  • Handheld, highly portable, enabling you to use analytical equipment in the field, in the lab, in the warehouse, and anywhere else analysis might be required
  • Determines all other alloying elements in a sample, acting as a silver tester, a platinum tester, a copper tester, and other platinum group metals (PGM) tester.

Bruker experts offer quick, additional information for your unique gold tester case. Let our vast knowledgebase work for you by contacting us today for specifications on the powerful, lightweight S1 TITAN.

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