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XRF Copper Tester: Handheld Copper Alloy & Purity Analyzer

Bruker’s handheld XRF copper testers come in a variety of models to accommodate everything from the most basic copper scrap sorting applications to testing for small quantities of copper in ore. Click here to learn more about quick, reliable copper analysis from trace amounts to 100% pure copper. Whether you are a copper mining operation, a copper alloy fabricator, a scrap recycler, or an environmental engineer, the need to know the quantity of copper in your sample with total confidence and speed is paramount to an efficient, profitable work flow.

Bruker handheld, 100% non-destructive copper analyzers are able to quantify copper (Cu) from trace levels through 100% in the following sample types:

Obtain Complete Chemistry for All Copper Alloy Types:

  • Brass Grade Identification
  • Bronze Grade Identification
  • Copper-Nickel Alloy Grade Identification
  • Historic Bronze and Brass Analysis
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Bruker has a handheld XRF copper tester to meet every need, from the rugged workhorse S1 TITAN 200 for copper scrap sorting and grade identification, to the state-of-the art S1 TITAN for quantifying even low to trace levels of copper in soil, whether in situ or in prepared samples. Click here now to send your query to Bruker’s copper analysis and quantification specialists or to request a quote.

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