Aluminum Scrap Recycling for Aluminum Production

Aluminum Scrap Recycling for Aluminum Production

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Scrap aluminum recycling is of great industrial importance because it is at present the most efficient source of aluminum production. Aluminum scrap recycling involves several different stages and processes, which include the sorting, recycling, and testing of aluminum scrap.

Economical and energy-efficient Scrap Recycling

Scrap aluminum recycling plays a crucial role in the aluminum industry. Although aluminum is abundant, it doesn't occur naturally and is primarily extracted from bauxite through processes like the Bayer Process and Hall-Heroult Process.

Recycling aluminum scrap is an energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative. Due to growing ecological concerns, aluminum recycling has become a favored method of aluminum production.

Thanks to advanced technology, recycled aluminum can meet purity standards similar to primary alloys, on the condition that the scrap used is of a high enough quality.

Join the movement for sustainable aluminum production and applications with the Bruker S1 Titan! Take action today to ensure high-quality scrap aluminum for recycling, contributing to a greener and more efficient industry. Make a difference with the Bruker S1 Titan.

woman analyzes aluminium scrap for recycling with S1 Titan

Methods of Aluminum Scrap Treatment

Scrap aluminum recycling involves various stages to enhance efficiency, including scrap comminution and aluminum scrap sorting.

Comminution reduces the size of aluminum scrap through processes such as crushing and grinding, and removing unwanted materials. Sorting relies on advanced technologies and methods like magnetic separation, eddy current separation, de-coating, and hot crush sorting to extract high-quality scrap. While hand sorting is common, it is labor-intensive and error-prone. Bruker's handheld XRF analysis systems are a technological solution for quick and accurate scrap sorting.

Learn more about Bruker´s handheld XRF gun for efficient scrap sorting in seconds!

aluminum scrap recycling process with Bruker XRF gun

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