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Analytical Instruments and Solutions for Industrial Applied and Life-Science Markets | Bruker Handheld LLC
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Analytical Instruments and Solutions for Industrial, Applied, and Life-Science Markets

April 17, 2012 - At the Analytica 2012 conference, Bruker today announced many new product introductions for the industrial, research, and applied markets, specifically designed to offer confident and accurate analyses with enhanced productivity, specificity, and sensitivity. The analytical instruments push the boundaries of technologically advanced materials and molecular research applications. These new Bruker products include analytical equipment that utilizes cutting-edge Mass Spectrometry and Separations, Vibrational Spectroscopy, X-ray Spectroscopy and Microanalysis, and Magnetic Resonance technologies.

Of particular interest, Bruker presents its new Micro-CT product line that offers high-resolution, advanced computed tomography (CT) instruments for 3D X-ray imaging. These systems can be configured for countless applications in the life sciences and materials research, such as metal sorting, alloy testing, electronic components imaging, in vitro soft tissue and bone imaging, and much more.

The new S1 TITAN portable XRF analyzer is one of the lightest tube-based portable analytical instruments on the market. The innovative handheld XRF features Bruker’s high-speed XFlash detector with light-element and high-energy resolution capabilities, a touchscreen color display, and a tough housing protected from humid and dusty environments, among others. The S1 TITAN covers a vast range of materials and applications. Whether needed for environmental testing, metals processing, mining, refineries, recycling, or consumer products, the S1 TITAN - in terms of proprietary algorithms and analytical performance - leads the way for many important calibrations and applications. The instrument offers today’s best available solution for accurate, fast, easy-to-use, automated, and reliable positive material identification and elemental analysis.

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