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Gold and Silver Analysis

Gold and silver, the two most sought-after, popular precious metals, have seemingly endless uses in industrial and consumer products. With ever-growing applications and an ever-growing price per ounce, the ability to quickly identify gold and silver samples and their precious metals content is paramount to running an efficient gold and silver refining, manufacturing, or recycling business. Bruker gold and silver analyzers are a state-of-the-art tool for gold and silver analysis.

Contact Bruker metals analysis experts to find out how to maximize efficiency and profits with Bruker gold and silver analyzers.

Gold and Silver Analysis with Bruker Handheld Gold and Silver Analyzers

Bruker gold and silver analysis instruments can be found in many industries where the precious metals content of raw materials and products makes all the difference in safety, cost, and efficiency, including:

In any of these industries, knowing the exact gold or silver content of your materials, from incoming raw materials to final product, is essential. Bruker gold and silver analyzers provide highly accurate alloy chemistry on any type of gold or silver alloy sample. Additional benefits of Bruker analyzers include:

  • Quantitative alloy composition results—including gold and silver content—within seconds
  • Ergonomic, handheld analyzers allow you to take the lab to the sample; obtain lab-quality alloy chemistry results anywhere, from the scrap sorting dock to the refinery floor
  • Completely nondestructive gold and silver analysis does not alter or mark the sample in any way

Whatever your gold and silver analysis needs may be, Bruker analysis instruments can help you streamline your business for maximum efficiency. Contact our gold and silver analysis experts today to request the information you need.

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