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Alloy Steel Testing

In Seconds per Test with a Bruker XRF Gun

Alloy Steel TestingThe term “alloy steel”may often refer to the subset of low-alloy steels. Properly defined, however, alloy steel is steel that is alloyed with a wide range of chemical elements in combinations of 1-50% by weight, to achieve desirable properties. The guarantee of these properties lies in the elemental composition specifications of each alloy. Get in touch with Bruker Inc. via contact form to the right to learn how our handheld XRF alloy steel analyzers can reliably, easily and cost-effectively identify and verify your steels, solving your specific industry’s analysis needs.

The Deal with Alloy Steel Testing

Arguably, all steels are “alloy steels,” broadly understood, because all steels are alloys. The simplest of them are composed of iron with various proportions of C. More specifically, alloy steels are understood to be steels alloyed with elements other than C. The most frequently used alloyants are Mn (the champion), Ni, Cr, Mo, V, Si, and B; the less common ones are Al, Co, Cu, Ce, Nb, Pb, Ti, Sn, W, Zn, and Zr. With the exception of carbon, all these alloyants (which control the properties of steel such as strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, magnetism, etc.) are routinely verified with various alloy steel testing methods.

Alloy steels enjoy numerous specialty applications, finding their way into jet and auto engines, spacecraft, and nuclear plants. The testing and verification method that makes the most sense for most steel businesses is provided by the Bruker S1 TITAN XRF gun. XRF works non destructively, meaning that each tested alloy steel sample will remain intact. In a nutshell, XRF provides a form of spectrometric analysis of the composition of a material by bombarding it with high-energy X-rays and reading off the secondary, fluorescent X-rays emitted by the relevant chemical elements that make up the material. Thanks to recent innovative advances in this technology made by Bruker Inc., our portable alloy steel testing XRF guns are small and lightning-fast, boasting an accuracy level that approximates that of laboratory benchtop analyzers. Message us now for more information!

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