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Bruker Donates Metal Analyzer to SIGN for Humanitarian Testing of Medical Implants | Bruker Handheld LLC
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Bruker Donates Metal Analyzer to SIGN for Humanitarian Testing of Medical Implants

July 5, 2011 - As humanitarian non-profit organizations grow, companies like Bruker support such persistence with pro bono assistance. Surgical Implant Generation Network (SIGN), which distributes surgical implants to the underprivileged worldwide, received the S1 SORTER, a portable XRF metal analyzer. Bruker, who donated the device, produces such analytical instruments specifically designed to detect and determine the chemical composition in metal alloys. Portable XRF equipment is fast and nondestructive, commonly used in medical implant manufacturing. For SIGN, the invaluable S1 SORTER ensures that the non-profit’s implants contain the proper alloy elements.

Quality Assurance is a critically important aspect of medical implant production. Using the S1 SORTER alloy analyzer in manufacturing delivers near-immediate results. The instrument analyzes a material, providing information like its chemical makeup and Grade ID in as little as ten (10) seconds. XRF devices apply to incoming materials, offering assurance that deliverables are accurate. For medical implant production, these measures are critical because the manufacturing process takes time, and XRF instruments ensure that an incorrect metal does not enter machining. The implant can also be analyzed with an S1 SORTER, verifying that the preferred alloy was used during manufacturing.

Material certification remains a Quality Control requirement for SIGN, and the donated XRF handheld checks incoming materials for supply errors, providing assurance that the non-profit organization received the desired material.

About Bruker

The Bruker Corporation is the leading manufacturer of advanced scientific instruments and solutions for a variety of industries, including material and molecular research and industrial and applied analysis.

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