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Metallurgical Assay

A Metallurgical assay is a process that can be performed on metals, ores or alloys to determine elemental composition. A metallurgical assay gun can perform a metallurgical assay to provide grade verification and percent value of elements present in a sample. It is crucial in many industries who deal with metals to know exactly what is in a specific alloy to prevent failure, insure purity and guarantee safety. For instance, if the wrong grade of material is used in a refinery or chemical plant, it is possible for the material to break down and cause an explosion injuring people and possibly causing fatalities. Contact Bruker to understand how a metallurgical assay gun can meet your assaying needs!

Assaying all incoming material, finished product and in-process pipes is mandatory for many facilities in a variety of industries. Some of those facilities include (but are not limited to):

Assaying Made Simple

With a metallurgical assay gun in the palm of his/her hand, a metallurgical assayer can walk up to any in-process pipe or load of incoming or outgoing finished product or material and perform positive material identification in a matter of seconds with absolutely no destruction of the sample. With a complete elemental breakdown of the material, and grade identification, 100% positive material identification is possible. Contact Bruker for more information on metallurgical assay guns for all of you assaying needs!

Industries we Influence
Metallurgy, Aero Space, Scrap and Recycling, Food Processing, Plumbing, Petrochemicals Metallurgy, Aero Space, Scrap and Recycling, Food Processing, Plumbing, Petrochemicals

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