Medical Devices

Having the correct, to-spec alloy composition for each part or component is perhaps no more important anywhere than in medical device applications. Medical devices, whether for use in a hospital setting or attached to a human being internally or externally, must meet the highest standards of reliability. For this reason, 100% alloy grade identification is essential in any component of a medical device in which the proper functioning and reliability depends on a to-spec alloy grade. Contact Bruker today to learn more about quick, easy analysis and grade identification of medical devices and their components.

Whether the challenge is grade control or RoHS-exempt testing of medical device components, Bruker has the perfect tool for the job. The Bruker S1 TITAN boasts a variety of benefits specifically for the analysis of metals and alloys in medical devices and their components, including:

  • Highly accurate alloy grade identification
  • Complete alloy or metal chemistry
  • Auto-saved, encrypted result data for chain-of-custody
  • Optional integrated camera to visually isolate particular analysis spots and save the image with the results
  • Optional small spot technology to create smaller analysis areas for isolating small components
  • Can be used in a handheld, fully portable configuration, or in a stationary lab configuration

Eliminate materials mix-ups and potentially life-threatening errors with the Bruker S1 TITAN. Contact one of our experts today to learn more and get your specific questions answered.

Bruker Donates to SIGN for Humanitarian Testing

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