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Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC), a common problem in the nuclear power and fossil industries, is a multipart process affected by numerous variables. Nevertheless, plant experience and laboratory testing have revealed material composition, namely trace chromium content, as the most significant variable influencing flow accelerated corrosion. Contact our team of experts to learn how Bruker’s handheld XRF testguns efficiently and effectively solve your FAC monitoring needs!

Systematically monitoring the trace alloy content of carbon steel components and piping enables more efficient and effective planning of inspection procedures, reducing downtime, preventing accidents, and saving costs. Handheld Bruker XRF alloy analyzers, the S1 TITAN series, set the industry standard for monitoring the trace alloy content of carbon steel piping when flow accelerated corrosion is a concern. Our portable XRF guns provide:

  • Fast, nondestructive analysis.
  • Lightweight, rugged, and easy-to-use operation.
  • Easy reporting on a digital display.

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Petrochemical plants and petroleum refineries must establish protocol to ensure compliance with API RP 578 piping regulations — plant piping system alloy components must have the proper alloy composition to handle the materials, like heat, to which they are subjected. This critical set of guidelines prevents numerous problems that might occur due to accidental material mix-ups, or when inappropriate alloys are substituted for the needed alloys in a piping system. FAC is a prime example of such a problem.

Flow accelerated corrosion occurs when steel used in piping systems degrades over time due to the heat, pressure, or pH of steam or flowing water. Using the most corrosion-resistant alloy materials is the main factor for preventing and reducing FAC.

Avoid material mix-ups and inconsistencies with Bruker handheld XRF technology. Choose from lines of highly accurate products, such as the top-of-the-line S1 TITAN, to attain real-time solutions.

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