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Component Analysis for alloy assurance and quality control are critical to product safety. Contact our experts now to find out more about how Bruker’s handheld XRF devices serve your component analysis and testing needs

The need for traceability and the potential for metal mix-ups remains a critical concern for every step in the metal manufacturing and fabrication process. Out-of-specification or incorrect metal alloys might result in premature and potentially disastrous part failures, which are expensive and might damage your reputation.

Safeguard your investment today with Positive Material Identification (PMI) equipment — like the S1 TITAN — from Bruker. Our component analysis solutions enable optimum product safety and quality. Contact a dedicated Bruker specialist to learn invaluable product information and tips

Unfortunately, solely relying on supplier documentation cannot offer you the peace of mind you deserve. The emphasis on 100 percent quality testing, ISO certifications, and strict regulatory guidelines demands finding and correcting any material discrepancies quickly and nondestructively. When liability, profitability, and livelihoods depend on using the proper alloy, you need Bruker testing equipment, like an S1 TITAN. Thousands of manufacturing companies rely on our PMI equipment daily for component analysis. Benefits include:

  • Nondestructive testing
  • Near-instant positive alloy grade verification
  • Real-time results
  • Reduced rework and scrap
  • Detailed part chemistry
  • And much more!

Clearly, you need fast, reliable positive material identification. Just as clear are the numerous benefits your company can enjoy from a Bruker S1 TITAN. These handheld XRF “guns” set the standard for positive materials identification. Finally, there is no need to sacrifice accuracy to get a lightweight, portable, and nondestructive PMI analyzer. These innovative PMI guns for Alloy Analysis and related XRF Applications make point-and-shoot operation a reality, enabling fast results with unparalleled accuracy.

Write to us with your analysis needs and questions now! And we hope to see you at ISRI Convention 2013!

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